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24 May 2024: Pet Abduction Bill becomes law! 

After seven years of evidence-based campaigning, new legislation has created specific offences for dog and cat abduction in England and Northern Ireland.

The Pet Theft Reform campaign continues in
Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland!


Support Pet Theft Reform Wales

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Wales chose not to introduce a pet abduction offence in 2024!

Please sign this petition to urge the Senedd to enact Pet Theft Reform in Wales by introducing a specific pet abduction offence.

Support Pet Theft Reform Scotland


Maurice Golden MSP secured the right to introduce his proposed Dog Abduction (Scotland) Bill as a Members Bill in 2024.

Please click to find your MSP and ask them to support the Dog Abduction (Scotland) Bill. 

Support Pet Theft Reform Ireland


Lisa O'Connor is campaigning for Pet Theft Reform in the Republic of Ireland. Please sign  this petition to James Browne Minister of State for Law Reform.

Tell Your MP about Pet Theft Reform


If you are concerned by pet theft and support our campaign to make pet abduction a specific offence, please contact your local MP and let them know why the issue is important to you.    


Thanks for submitting!

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