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Together, our pets can get the recognition and support they deserve. They are more than just property, they are part of the family! 

Join Pet Theft Reform and many others around the UK in asking the Leader of the House, the Speaker of the House and local MPs to get involved to ensure  that pet abduction is recognised as a serious and devastating crime and passed into law.

Writing to a Member of Parliament (MP) may seem daunting however, their purpose is to serve us, the people, and ensure that our concerns and our call for change are heard. MPs can receive many emails, social media comments and letters each day so it's important that you follow a few simple rules when contacting your local MP or a Government official.

Here's some guidance
on what to do

  • Keep it simple and to the point

  • Be polite. Abusive content will only be disregarded and potentially have the opposite effect than intended.

  • Be persuasive. Share why you feel this is so important, speak from the heart, share your experiences.

  • Inspired by #Finns4Ps - Polite, Positive, Persistent, Persuasion (Nightingale K.J. & Wardell D.J., 2017)

Find Your MP

You can use the button below to find the name and contact details of your MP.


Useful Links

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Leader of the House

UK Parliament

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