Our Team

Established in 2018 by Dr. Daniel Allen in collaboration with Debbie Matthews at the Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance, Pet Theft Reform is run by a small collection of volunteers and passionate public voices all dedicated to ensuring that our beloved pets are seen as more than just property.

Our Founders


Dr Daniel Allen

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Founder & Animal Geographer, Keele University


Debbie Matthews

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Founder & CEO at Stolen and Missing Pets Alliance


The only pet insurance founded to make a difference. 

We believe pets are part of the family and we wouldn't ever be without them. 

Pet theft is devastating and it must be taken seriously! That's why, as part of our ongoing commitment to promote animal welfare, Animal Friends is joining forces with the Pet Theft Reform team and fighting for those with no voice of their own.

Academic and Specialist Advisors


Dr Daniel Allen

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Lecturer and Programme Director for Geography, Keele University


Dr Helen Selby-Fell

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Senior Lecturer in Policing Organisation & Practice (POP), Open University


Prof Ken Pease OBE

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Forensic Psychologist, Visiting Professor and Fellow, University College London


Dr Jamie Arathoon

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University of Glasgow

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Dr Marc Abraham OBE

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Multi award winning media vet and animal welfare campaigner


Prof John Cooper QC

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QC at 25 Bedford Row


Beverley Cuddy

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Editor of Dogs Today & Dogs Monthly